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Good brand positioning on an international platform

The trust shown by our customers encourages us to grow from strength to strength, making Kider Store Solutions one of the world’s leading manufacturers and retailers of store equipments and fittings.

Its operations extend over the five continents to more than 50 countries.


Kider Store Solutions: Leaders by experienceerienciaexperiencia


We have been providing solutions for store equipment and fittings. Our core objectives are to fulfil our customers’ requirements and develop in tandem with them.


Complete installations for unique customers

At Kider Store Fittings, we have experts in each one of our operating areas who are skilled at providing constructive and bespoke solutions from the onset right through to the culmination of each project.  

Solutions: Specialisation and Excellence

The diversification and specialisation of each one of the Group’s companies enable us to offer one of the most competitive advantages in our manufacturing processes and products, namely, the utmost quality.


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